The Rx series are our successful LED displays serving the highly demanding rental & staging market
by offering the deepest black levels in combination with extremely high contrast ratio of up to
3,000:1, they are also very attractive products for fixed installations thanks to the minimal need
for maintenance, limited thickness and low power consumption. With output of over 1,200 nits and
16-bit color processing, these LED displays deliver the exquisite images.

Ultimate Features
1. 无风扇静音设计和良好的散热性能;
   Silent operating, good heat dissipation (no fans)
2. 正白色,色彩鲜艳,高灰阶;
   Real white, brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscale
3. 显示效果的均衡性;
   Consistent uniformity over time
4. 精密型材铝和压铸铝型材结构;
   Precision extruded and die-casting aluminum section structure
5. 维护便捷,适用性显著提高;
   Remove the tools, improve the serviceability
6. 标准化的箱体设计使得装箱、运输、安装、拆卸、备件和维护都很便捷;
   Easy and simple for storage, transportation, construction and maintenance

The Rx-series product range is renowned for being light weight, quick and easy to install,
silent operation and power efficient.

01 YANNI Concern Performance Rx6.66 133m²引导图

02 Colombia Sonar Club Rx6 70m²03 济南军区 Rx6 100m²

04 上海世博会 Rx6 300m²06 武汉科技大学 Rx8s 56m²

07 2010湖北小姐大赛 Rx4 66m²08 Chile Rx8s 80m²

05 深圳市宝安区宝立方展览中心 Rx5 105m²09 South Africa Rx10s 24m²

AmericaAsia Pacific Convention 2011  Rx6 230m²

Maksim Mrvica Piano Concert Rx6s 58.1m²Video broascasting in South Africa  Rx10s 116m²